Symbian Anna | Η βελτιωμένη έκδοση του Symbian^3

Η ανανεωμένη έκδοση του Symbian είναι εδώ. Με βελτιώσεις και αλλαγές, το Anna ανακοινώθηκε επίσημα από την Nokia και προσφέρει:

  • Νέα εικονίδια.
  • Πιο άνετη πληκτρολόγηση.
  • Βελτιωμένοι χάρτες Ovi Maps, Ovi Store, Social, Ovi Suite, φυλλομετρητής (broswer) και mail.
  • Πιο εύχρηστη η γκαλερί των φωτογραφιών.
  • Προσθήκη του Microsoft Communicator Mobile.
  • Υποστήριξη Flashlite 4, Java Runtime 2.2, Qt Mobility 1.1 και Qt4.7 για τους προγραμματιστές.

Επιπλέον, η εταιρία δεν ξέχασε τους πρόσφατα αγοραστές Nokia κινητού και προσφέρει το Anna στα N8, C7, C6-01 και E7.


Το Δελτίο Τύπου:

Announcing Symbian Anna aka ‘PR2’
GLOBAL – Today we launch the Nokia X7 and Nokia E6, both of which come with a renewed version of the Symbian operating system. This version – which has been referred to previously as PR2 – is now known as Symbian Anna. It comes with a faster browser, improved text input, fresh, new icons and the latest version of Ovi Maps. Symbian Anna will also be made available for owners of the Nokia N8, C7, C6-01 and E7 in the coming months.
The most obvious and visible feature of Symbian Anna is the new icons.
Text input has also been improved: there’s the long-awaited portrait QWERTY input, plus a split screen when entering text into web pages and apps, so you don’t lose sight of what you’re filling in.
The browser now offers faster performance and is easier to use.
The usability of the photo gallery has also been improved.
For business users, the update also includes instant messaging with Microsoft Communicator Mobile, email enhancements that include full meeting request support and hardware-accelerated device encryption.
For version watchers, the application versions available in Symbian Anna are:
Enhanced Browser (v7.3): high value touch UI improvements, including URL entry bar, always visible ‘Go Back’ and extended toolbar buttons and search-integrated address field; better user responsiveness, faster history navigation and page loading, split screen virtual Qwerty keyboard.
Enhanced Ovi Maps (v3.06): smarter search; Check-in to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquareor local social networks; ability to share places via email and SMS, and also with friends using non-Nokia phones; public transport network lines view; update and download full country maps via WLAN
Enhanced Ovi Store (v2.06.xx): improved search, including auto-complete, spell-checking and Internet search engine optimization and error fixes; increased file size limits for downloading over WLAN
Enhanced Social (v1.3): status updates in contact card, ability to retweet and view follower list in Twitter, higher resolution image uploads, ability to add caption to images
Enhanced Ovi Suite (v3.x): works seamlessly with the latest version of Ovi Suite to update the device software, download free street maps, download new music and discover the latest mobile apps, back up the device to keep content safe, and sync content with Ovi.
For Developers:
Flashlite 4
Java Runtime 2.2
Qt Mobility 1.1


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